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Bobs Burgers Season 1 Episode 8 (Art Crawl)

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Bob’s Burgers is nothing short of a comedic masterpiece. The beauty of this show is in it’s simplicity: A burger man (Bob Belcher) trying to make ends meet at his restaurant with the help of his doting wife (Linda Belcher) and their three quirky kids (Tina, Gene, and Louise). I have been watching Bob’s Burgers since it first aired in 2011, and I have never been disappointed. Every episode is a new and unique adventure for this oddball family of five! Whether they’re being held captive on a cruise ship, starring in their own cooking show, or crashing Christmas raves, the Belchers never disappoint! Children are drawn to the forbidden like moths to a flame, so if youre trying to get kids to hate Bobs Burgers, great job. Regardless, Bobs Burgers is safe for all ages.

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